Good Then. Great Now.

Kraft Heinz


Ever since humans invented soup, it’s been depicted in art. From ancient Sumerian tablets to Pablo Picasso’s ‘La Soupe’ in 1902, there is evidence of soup fuelling humankind’s progress throughout history.   

To celebrate humanity’s favourite meal, we took inspiration from ‘soup art’ to remind everyone that the reasons people reached for soup were the same then, as they are now. 


Heinz is an icon and its soups have been warming up Aussies for decades. But Down Under, its status as an icon was starting to fade – and that’s a risk in a market known for warm weather, meaning that soup season is a critical must-win period. 

Making canned soups relevant to modern-day Aussies – who are faced with a plethora of other options – is a hard ask. We needed to find a way to reclaim our icon status as a brand and drive a product message at the same time. 


Henry J. Heinz founded the company on the principles of “doing common things uncommonly well”. 

In researching the history of soup, we identified the cultural truth that the reasons people reached for soup then are the same as they are now. Every culture has its own form of soup – it’s always  been common, across cultures and geographies, because it’s convenient, nutritious, easy to prepare and delicious. Soup brings people together. 

How do we know this? Well, we found that ever since humans invented soup, it’s been depicted in art. We took inspiration from depictions of soup throughout history to champion its role in sustaining every culture’s population, from way back in the past to here in the present day. Knowing that soup had been good for centuries and that Heinz is making it great for modern-day consumers means that Aussies can now truly make history for lunch. 


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