Our point of view

While there’s much to learn from the past, we’re more interested in shaping what’s ahead. We’ve invested in unique capabilities across cultural insight, data strategy and innovation. Alongside our partnerships with best-in-class data and intelligence experts, these form the foundations for our perspectives.


TBWA’s cultural intelligence unit powered by over 300 Culture Spotters across 45 countries. A dynamic hybrid of strategy, data, and journalism, Backslash turns today’s stories into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Backslash Edges

Edges are meaningful cultural shifts with the scale and longevity to propel a brand towards a greater share of the future. Discover this year’s Edges.

ED\GE Tech Zine

Can Tech Rewrite its wrong? Only if we can imagine a better way forward for our relationship with technology. Dig in to find out how to turn techlash into an opportunity for your brand.

Life on the Edge

Life on the Edge is a documentary series that explores emerging movements or burgeoning cultural behaviours related to one of our Edges.

NEXT is our global innovation practice designed to disrupt the future of brand experiences.

Through NEXT we create the conditions for innovation to thrive so that we can imagine better experiences for customers that delivers impact for brands.

Our perspectives

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A new brand and full CX remap – using a rewired creative agency for everything

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Innovation is more than a process, it’s a mindset

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The key to unlocking creativity and innovation? Cognitive diversity

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