Our Green Gold

Australian Avocados


Our Green Gold is a distinctive and enduring brand platform for Australian Avocados. 

This positioning helped Aussies engage with avocados as one of their own; engendering pride, building an iconic status and most importantly, driving purchase in the process.


Globally, avocados had become a cultural phenomenon, but in Australia we were facing a massive oversupply, which would ultimately lead to a decrease in price and value perception.

To ignite greater purchase frequency we needed to find an emotional connection that made Australian Avocados mean more to people – turning a well-loved fruit into a well-loved brand.


To elevate them beyond the plate and create an unbreakable cultural and emotional connection between Aussies and avos, we developed the brand platform, ‘Our Green Gold’. 

Australian Avocados became the official unofficial sponsor of pretty much everything Australian (green and gold) ever. By effectively turning the nation into one great big advert, we made sure Aussies saw avocados everywhere they looked, and as the national treasure they are. 

TV humorously pointed out why we should all care about anything green and gold, and high impact OOH made sure we painted the town, well, green and gold. We also supported Australian communities, namely by officially, unofficially sponsoring an iconic national institution – our bowlos.


above target for increase in purchase intent
above target for increase in penetration
ROI in earned media
engagement rate


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